Mada ICT-AID aligned OER Hub

As part of its endeavors to enabling equal opportunities for all to access education and to fostering lifelong learning harnessing the power of ICT and the tremendous potential of Open Educational Resources OER, Mada launched the “Mada ICT-AID Competency Framework OER Hub” to be the Mada branded Hub on OER Commons where ICT-AID aligned OER are aggregated, curated and managed through collections, and groups, and development tools. The community of inclusive education and ICT accessibility experts, advocates, educators and learners can discover ICT-AID aligned open content, and connect with others to improve inclusive practices .

Mada Hub provides basically the following services:

  • Offering dedicated groups to the Hub members in order to use/reuse, create, and share ICT-AID aligned accessible and quality open educational resources;
  • Building capacity of educators, trainers and content authors on creating and sharing ICT-AID aligned open educational resources using Mada Hub;
  • Gathering collections of ICT-AID aligned OER in Arabic and English languages curated by Mada and Hub members;
  • Supporting activities of expert groups.

For questions about Mada ICT-AID, please contact

ICT-AID Aligned Resources